9 Effective Ways in Which You Can Remove Stomach Hair

get rid of stomach hair
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The days of grooming have become the norm now. Both men and women go to extreme lengths to ensure that they look prim and proper.No matter how unfazed you are about your appearance there is something debilitating about body hair. And though each of us have our own choice, there are some who cannot tolerate body hair in some parts. Stomach hair is one of those things,it can be extremely unwanted and irritating. And though there are effective ways of removing stomach hair, there is no guarantee that it will not come back. And unless you are ready to spend a fortune on world class treatments, you will simply have to stay with it with the help of some temporary respites.

Read on if you want to liberate your skin of any form of pesky hair from your face:

Why do we get hair on our stomach?

It is completely natural to have a thin line of hair running across your stomach, while some may have a thick growth, the only time you need to worry about it if it is unnatural compared to the growth pattern on the rest of your body.

And especially if you are looking forward to an occasion where you will flaunt it, it is extremely important to ensure that you clean up in a way that increase your confidence and doesn’t harm your skin.

But worry not, we bring to you a list of five effective ways in which you can get rid of stomach hair .

The 9 ways to remove hair from your stomach:

1.Cutting/shaving it off

Cutting/shaving it off
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Most of abdominal hair is usually thick, and cutting it off may result in thickening them even more, but if you apply coconut oil after cutting it off it might soften the roots.cutting it off may also make it extremely satisfying and make the skin all smooth. But you might have to keep a clean look if you shave as the hair that grows back will definitely cause itchiness. And ingrown hairs or razor bumps are a strong possibility.

2.Raw Papaya Treatment

Raw Papaya Treatment
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Papaya is an extremely ingredient that can help curb hair growth. A shaving mask made of papaya is actually beneficial.Grind some raw papaya and mix it with milk and a pinch of turmeric. Apply this on your stomach, apply it in the opposite direction of your hair growth, apply this paste and when it completely dries just remove it by rubbing your hands on your stomach. Regular application of this will ensure that you get rid of your stomach hair completely.


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Though one of the more painful options, it is also more effective as the hair stay away for longer periods of time.Waxing is done almost in every salon and is the most common hair removal technique.It is also a money saver and ensue that you remain hair free for atleast a couple of weeks. Also, with repeated waxing with time, the stomach hairs that will grow back will be much thinner and less rough than earlier versions.It removes the entire hair from the follicle and can be very effective. But if done incorrectly it can leave you with redness or ingrown hair.

4.Laser Hair Removal

The good thing about Laser hair removal is that it ensures that you do not have any hair growth here on,bu it comes at a price.But the risks include scarring, blisters, burns, pigmentation, and pain. Also laser treatment require multiple visits and it can be quite expensive.one point that should be noted by all those who are still sceptical about laser treatment is that it is medically approved and has been used by thousands of people worldwide as a way to remove any bodily hair.

Read more about laser hair removal at



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Sugaring can be done in two ways either as a paste or gel, the paste will always the remob]ve the hir in a better manner that avoids ingrowth. Which means that it will remove the hair in direction of the growth. Whereas the gel will do it in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Both gel and paste have to be handled extremely carefully.


This can be extremely effective method for women who have really fine hair on their stomach, as they do not need to tug at their follicles.


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Almost magical in nature, these creams can be found easily and are just as easy to use.They make the hair soft enough like jelly in a matter of minutes after application so that it can be easily wiped away.But the disadvantage is that will not last for long .Hair removal creams are made very strong to break down the hair follicle so they often will burn people or leave their skin extremely red, even if they’re not allergic to any of the ingredients

For example, read https://www.liveabout.com/nair-shower-power-moisturizing-1716981

8.Plucking or Tweezing

The hair that grown on the stomach region can be plucked, as it is not very strong.relatively compared to the hair growing on our hands and legs. So you can use tweezers and pluckers without much worry.

To minimize the pain caused while plucking hairs you should use anti-inflammatory solution or ice cubes.Do ensure that the tweezers you are using is in excellent condition.


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This is the only FDA approved method of permanent hair removal. Unlike laser hair removal, all hair colors and skin tones can safely receive electrolysis. But the only disadvantage of this is that it might be extremely painful and require multiple sessions that can turn out to be expensive.

10.Turmeric paste

Turmeric paste
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Make a thick substance of milk and turmeric. Use it about the abdomen. Leave it to dry then wash with heated water.When the development of hair is dense then add gram flour to this mixture. Turmeric has been employed for ages in India for a healthy clean glowing skin.It also has skin whitening properties.In some cases it might also ensure that your belly hair is removed permanently.

The permanent solution for hair removal..

..Can be very subjective.Depending on various skin types or just sheer convenience it is up to the individual to use effective ways in which they can get rid of the hair on their stomach.Right above we have given both natural and artificial ways in which you can get rid or curb the growth of hair so that you have the confidence you need for a more hygienic and sharper body image.

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