15 Incredible Tips to Organize Your Dream Wedding in 6 Months

Planning a wedding in 6 months
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If you are engaged and are planning to organize your dream wedding within the next 6 months? Then you have come to the right place.

So you are the lucky one to be in love and be engaged. Organizing a wedding can be a pretty tumultuous task, and thought you might be waiting for the peace of wedded bliss, that going to be while before you get to the altar unless you plan your wedding with utmost detail. There are a lot of couples who take their own sweet time to organize their wedding, but if you cannot wait to become Mr. And Ms. then there are certain steps that you can follow to create the wedding of your dreams.

Creating The Dream Wedding

Just because you have 6 months to prepare does not mean that you cannot give enough attention to detail. It just means that now you will have to be a little extra immaculate, and get everything done accordingly so that when the big day arrives, you can just be happy to be a part of the matrimony and not think about the event details.

The key is to organize things in a systematic way, where you prioritize and understand the things you want on that day. Here are 15 such pivotal tips to help you get married in your fashion, stress free within a time period of 6 months.

At The Beginning of 6 Months

1. Figure Out Your Basics

Figure out your basics
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Though the idea of getting married as soon as possible might be very appealing to some, it comes with its own set of constraints. So as the 6 months before your wedding starts, the first thing you need to figure out is the basic. Most importantly the venue, due to last minute situations, your options might be stifled, but this doesn’t mean that you will not get any good deals. In fact, there is a full chance that you might land on some sweet offers.

An important part that comes before this is you deciding your budget. Make sure you do this well in advance, way before you decide on anything else as if your pocket does not allow, you will not be able to afford it. The theme, the venue, they all come after this.

Another basic to be covered is your guest list, do this just as quickly so that you can send out the invitations as soon as possible. As the time frame is of 6 months, many of the guests living all over the world may not be able to attend unless they have some time to figure out their schedules.

2. Hire An Organiser

One of the top wedding regrets

that couples have is not having hired a wedding organizer. Because at the end moment. The details of the big day may end up overwhelming you, so hiring an organizer is one of the most useful things you can do 6 months prior to the date.

With their contacts in the industry, the organizer might be able to get you in touch with more suitable vendors and suppliers. Communicate the ideas you have about the big day to your organizer and work out a deal that will help you all. Once you book an organizer, you will have quite some amount of support and it will be a stress relief.

3. Book The Venue

Book the venue
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After you have figured out the basics on paper, its time to being it to action. Start looking for venues and allocate a big chunk of your time into figuring out what would be the ideal spot to get married. Compare the prices and check their availability. Be sure to pay extra attention to this process s this where it falls into place, it is important that you do this properly, as everything will be based around your venue only. So do your research, lock the dates and book the venue as soon as possible

4. Send Out The Invitation

Once you have booked the venue and you have decided the date for the wedding, the next immediate step should be to send out the invitations. As we mentioned before, delaying this process is a strict no, as your guests will need ample time to free up their schedule and mark the day off. A few months time is the ideal time for them to figure out their timings.

5. Start Booking Vendors and Suppliers

With the help of your organizer, decide on the menus and little detailing for the events. And then immediately start booking vendors and suppliers beforehand so that you do not have to look around for a few things here and there in a hurry before the wedding. Give the vendors ample amount of time and make sure that you also book the caterers in case the venue you chose does not have in house catering.

5 Months Prior to The Wedding

6. Find the Dress

Find the dress
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Now men may not face such a hard time, trying to get the tuxedo of their choice but wedding dresses are a huge deal. You need to decide on what you want to wear and get it delivered first hand. Because a wedding dress is not something that you can rush weeks before the wedding. The bride to need to decide about what she wants to convey and a choose a wedding dress that goes with her body type and personality. Look up designers who are comfortable with your time frame or find local boutiques who are willing to speed up the process.

7. Trials and Tasting

Get ready to be completely busy, from cake tasting to band testing, its time for all the details. Once you have decided on the important parts, go back and check your choices, and recheck again to be sure. This is the time for corrections and adjustments. Choose your band, and go for the most delicious part of wedding planning, the cake tasting. Also, speak to your caterers and taste your menu too. This part and attention to detail are important so that the organizers you are involved with understand exactly what you want so that you can avoid any big issues on the big day.

8. Plan Your Honeymoon

This is the biggest trip of your life, so pick a destination and make the booking. As the wedding date comes closer, you will have no time to decide. So its better if you plan your travel itinerary right away.

9. Romp In the Rest Of Your Suppliers

Instead of relying on the last minute to get the details right, gather your suppliers for all you need a right way and other vendors like the photographer, the videographers – start looking for them too. You will have to call them before hand and book their dates because if you rely on the last few months to do this you will not get any professionals at such a short notice. Especially if you are planning to get married in a busy season, deciding all this before hand is a must. From the florist to the sound guys, to the Dj, get in touch with everyone so that you have the full scope of what’s going to happen and what’s not going to happen.

10. Buy the Rings

Buy the rings
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The wedding bands are the most important element of any wedding, so make sure that you have your ready way ahead of time because if there is a particular design that you are after, leaving it to the last minute is not a good idea. And jewelry takes time, so you will have to plan and book a meeting with your designer beforehand. You cannot rush this process, so 5 months before the wedding, take your time and figure it out, as the wedding band is something that you are going to wear for the rest of your life.

3 Months Prior to the Incredible Day

11. Hair and Makeup Trial

Hair and make up trial
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Now, this is the time for you to figure out your hair and makeup. Before getting bombarded with millions of ideas a week before your wedding and getting confused on the day, meet your hair dresser and your stylist to go over your look. You absolutely cannot be worried sick on your wedding day, so it is necessary that you go over your looks and decide what you want.

12. Book the Hotel Rooms and Other Venue

Book the rehearsal dinner venue before hand so you know for sure that everything is ticked off the list when I come to look for something new.

By now all your friends and relatives may have confirmed the day of their arrivals, depending on the venue start booking areas where they can stay put during the days. Book the hotel rooms well in advance so that there is no hassle during times of celebrations. Do this according to the RSVP’s and tabulate all of this so that none of the guests have any issues whilst figuring out the lodgings. Again pay attention to where they are going to stay so that they are happy to be there on a special day. Being attentive to your guests is one of the first things you must do, as their satisfaction on being present for you on your big day, will also mean a lot.

13. Have the Pre Wedding Parties

Have the pre wedding parties
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Whether it the bachelorette wedding parties, between the 3 and 2 month period before the wedding period is the ideal time to host the same. Your wedding party members or your friends can take the responsibility of organizing this so that you can enjoy the night in peace. This night out will be a much needed respite and a definite party starter

14. Pick Your Song List

The music at the wedding is one the most crucial factors as this is what will either make or break the mood. And if you are a sucker for details, we suggest you take the special care to assemble all your favorite music and give it to the wedding planner before hand so that he or she knows what to do on the big day. You obviously cannot be walking around in your wedding, requesting songs, but that does not mean you have to listen to songs you do not like. Chose the meaningful ones, the ones that are close to your heart, groovy ones, some for the dances- create a list of your choice that you are sure everybody else will also be able to enjoy.

The Last Month

15. The Finishing Touches

The finishing touches
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Now this month is only for the last few bits. Nothing major should be planned in this month, the bride to be should only be focusing on how to look good, and feel good and not get overwhelmed with the proceedings. The last month can be pretty hectic and should only be utilized to look over the last few details. Now is the time for you to get your wedding speech down right correct and confirm the timings with the vendors. Also, make sure that you have your marriage license and remember to create a timeline for your wedding day.

Weddings can be stressful but the idea of having a blissfully wedded life obviously makes it all okay. The important thing is to visualize and work relentlessly. Try not to get too stressed and remember to breathe and reflect over your journey. The objective is to have a good time, so do not take up more than you can handle and learn to sit back and enjoy. Your wedding would be beautiful no matter what, just be diligent and optimistic.

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