Top 20 Romantic Honeymoon Activities You Must Know About

honeymoon Activities
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Hurray! You are done with your I Do along with something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue, in utmost enchanting ways. And now it is time for some relaxation, fun, passion, intimacy, romance and most cherished moments of your life. Yes, it is time for honeymoon and you ought to make it as mesmerizing and lovely as you can, for the first trip together as Man and wife stays the most memorable one throughout your journey as a couple. So to make your trip more passionate you must know about romantic honeymoon

 activities which are not just to-fall-in-love-with but also truly enticing and exhilarating. Remember, whatever you do at your honeymoon would be the most significant part of your bonding and the more you get candid with each other the better it becomes for your union. For love is just not physical, mental, emotional or spiritual; it encompasses every bit of your existence and specially your soul.

Check out some exciting romantic honeymoon activities which you must try:

Picking up a wedding gown, getting your save the date cards in time, checking the rings and writing your vows; oh boy! This has been a tiring but mesmerizing journey so far. And post your vows, it is time to reward yourself with a honeymoon filled with euphoria and fun along with the most lovey dovey moment spent together. So plan your honeymoon in a way where finding and proceeding with sexy and intimate surprises would not be a trouble. A sincere advice here would be pick a place where you stay at least for 5-7 days and do not hop around proceeding with things to do. It is the time to relax and romance, you can’t be running around with a long itinerary. Be spontaneous and surprise him some time with your crazy antics:

1- Begin with planning the destination first:

Begin with planning the destination first
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It is always advisable to keep the honeymoon for one place rather than taking a trip of entire state, country or continent. Though trip planning agencies claim and make you believe their honeymoon packages are most stunning but the reality is, this trip is unlike any other, for you do not want to get worried about the plan ahead. You need to give enough time to just sit back and relax, talk and share each and every moment, just the two of you. One wonderful destination is just amazing when it comes to honeymoon destination. You may also go ahead with honeymoon cruises, which most definitely are ideal for spending quality time away from the daily grind.

2- Have specifics mentioned when booking rooms:

Have specifics mentioned when booking rooms
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Be it at the honeymoon cruise or the hotels you put up; you must mention that you are on your honeymoon and get the best suite for yourself. You would not regret spending here, for the honeymoon activities these special rooms and booking bring in are simply fantastic. Many hotels give couple spa, candle lit dinners, cocktails on the roof/ beach/ poolside and more; for honeymooning couples. And trust when we say, these activities are truly enchanting

3- Buy some sexy lingerie:

Buy some sexy lingerie
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Well! For the times when you do wish to surprise him, grab those laced and sparkling lingerie and stun him with your moves. As most part of the honeymoon, you both will share just staring at each other and holding each other. Remember to wear the lingerie in utmost appealing ways, you must keep up with your beauty and skin nourishment. Your wedding glow along with daily toning and moisturizing must be continued for he would want to see you all radiant and dolled up every time

4- Hug him far more than he can imagine:

Hug him far more than he can imagine
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A hug speaks a lot, be it the early morning hugs in bed or the spontaneous hugs when you are roaming around during the day. Give him real romantic hugs and stay put with music for a couple’s dance. Hugs from an important part of sexy things to do on honeymoon.

5- Get ahead with pre-marital counseling with your OB-GYN:

Get ahead with pre-marital counseling with your OB-GYN
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Despite you have been together for the months and years, you must make sure to get it all right when it comes to prevention and hygiene. Many times even if you stay together before the wedding, you may not be that carefree as you get post marriage. Things like hygiene and contraception may go for a toss while away from home on your honeymoon. There is nothing more depressing then ending up with some really painful honeymoon illnesses like Urinary Tract Infection and Cystitis. Be sure to take a counseling together before the wedding, as this will help you open up on how you both feel about doing things right. And this also makes for some exciting honeymoon activities which you both get to plan ahead

6- Bring on your couple attire too:

Bring on your couple attire too
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Imagine a European honeymoon at the snow filled peaks, and a stunning portrait apture which you would cherish for your life. Well! This is your time for the mesmerizing pictures. No matter what your honeymoon destination is, just bring on some matching or contrasting clothes to wear for some wonderful portrait pictures.

7- Bring at least a few surprise gifts for him:

Bring at least a few surprise gifts for him
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Honeymoon activities must all begin with a wonderful surprise gift. Be sure to pack a few of those and remember how he would like those gifts to be, when buying them.

8- Write him a beautiful poem or note:

Write him a beautiful poem or note
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Reading him what you feel about your love and the companionship, while sipping a glass of bubbly champagne can be a very romantic honeymoon activity. Make the write up passionate, romantic and lovely

9- Begin your each day or at least a few days with sunrise gazing:

Begin your each day
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Try and book a suite where you can sneak a view of the sunrise from your bed. Holding hands, kissing each other and curled up in bed, while the suns rays bring in their mystic delights and add magic to your moments together. A couple that begins their day with sunrise most definitely gets a lot more time to relax, rejuvenate and romance

10- Surprise him with a romantic dinner date:

Surprise him with a romantic dinner date
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Organize a dinner date by contacting Hotel staff, and make it as special as you can. Get a lovely meal plan and have some live music or your playlist all around. And wear your most stunning evening gowns to look captivating.

11- Plan some adventure together:

Plan some adventure together
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Honeymoon must have at least a few adventurous outings as a couple. Be it sky diving, parasailing, bungee jumping or snorkeling; do plan at least 2-3 such adventurous stuff for it brings more madness and passion to you two.

12- Get ahead with couple spa:

Get ahead with couple spa
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A couple only spa is not just relaxing but also binding you two at an altogether different level. A reviving couple massage and just lying down post spa treatment can be really intimate and romantic. You are relieved of all your stress and just the two of you left post the refreshing massage therapy, well absolute bliss it is.

13- Capture every moment that reflects you two:

Capture every moment that reflects you two
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Don’t forget to capture many pictures for honeymoon memories are your eternal bliss and they would bring you love and passion even after decades post marriage when you see these. Have a secret couple only picture album too where you go crazy and click your crazy pics too. Remember to have a few or many of social media worthy pics, for Instagramming or profiling your honeymoon is also important.

14- Spend one day in bed for absolute bliss:

Spend one day in bed for absolute bliss
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This would be your most cherished part from exciting intimate moments. Spending time in bed all day and calling room service along with lazying with your partner is an idea of absolute bliss. For at least one day forget about dressing up, looking stylish, running around for seeing the place and just hold on to each other entire day.

15- Find exotic new foods:

Find exotic new foods
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Specially if you both are foodies, honeymoon must have a few gourmand dinners planned ahead. Nothing matches the bliss of having your love by your side along with sumptuous food on the platter. Everyone enjoys exotic delicacies and specially when you have had a tiring marriage time. Food happens to be a binding factor for couples, believe it or not

16- Turn off the alarms for a few days at least:

Turn off the alarms for a few days at least
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A long sleep with your partner around can be passionate and relaxing too. Just turn off the alarms and other distractions while you enjoy catching up on much needed sleep.

17- Watch a steamy smoking movie together:

Watch a steamy smoking movie together
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A romantic and steamy movie can be a great honeymoon activity for it brings a lot of spontaneity to your physical activities. Experiment and love in ways that will surprise and enchant your partner

18- Make a playlist:

Make a playlist
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Honeymoon may give you ample time to bring out your couple’s only favorite tracks. Then why not making a playlist with those wonderful songs and keeping them safe for life.

19- Enjoy loads of intimacy:

Enjoy loads of intimacy
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Honeymoon is a time that you both get to enjoy a stress free time which is full of romance and love. Bring out crazy ways to make intimacy passionate and ignite passionate moments with frenzy and delight.

20- Fix at least an hour each day to just talk while holding a wine:

Fix at least an hour each day
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A love filled talk with wine in your hands and sitting across some wonderful landscapes is a fun filled honeymoon activity. The more you interact the better and stronger your bond becomes.

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