13 Simple Yet Cool Workout Tips For the Lazy Girl

lazy girl fitness tips
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Ever dreamt of having the perfect body but you do not have the perseverance to get through? Does every workout seem like a never ending task, more like chore? Do you often dream of the yummy doughnuts and pizzas you are giving up for an hour full of drudgery? You must be waiting for the summer body earnestly, but the rigorous nature of healthy life take sits toll on you and you decide that maybe. Just maybe, you should go back to being the lazy girl who loves Netflix and Tacos!

All this sounds relatable, doesn’t it? But his does not mean that just because you are lazy, you cannot have a great body. And in no way does it mean that you cannot have a fitness regime. The objective of exercise is to make you feel fabulous.whether you are beginner

or somebody who is taking a break. Getting back tot he game can be difficult. And fabulous you will feel. Given below are 13 easy to follow steps, that will trans-form you into a fitness freak without having to give up your lazy girl persona. Sounds unbelievable right? Read on:

1. Start Your Workout Early In The Morning

Yes, this is one of the first steps to follow. There are certain steps one needs to comply to if they want to achieve their fitness goals As you will have fewer excuses and reasons to skip your workout as mornings do not have that many obligations as the rest of the day does. If you get your workout out of the way right in the morning you will also be feeling extremely good about yourself for the rest of the day. Also, ensure that you do this workout at the same time every morning., this will also make sure that you make a habit of working out at the same time, and your body clock will get adjusted to the same too.

2. One Song Workout

One song workout
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Another great thing that the lazy girl workout regime that can be imbibed is that you can work out for just one song. So crank up the Beyonce number and dance to your heart’s content. Motivate yourself to keep moving as energetically as possible for 5 minutes and repeat this often. Soon you will notice that the high intensity workouts are extremely effective and are genuinely building up your stamina. Don’t worry about the time, you can even use the treadmill for just one song and you won’t even notice how the minutes went by, and you will even be glad because your goal will just be to finish one song but finish strong.

3. Take The Stairs

Now well know this, but how many of us actually follow this, honestly this is sound advice. Because you can actually do this and not feel anything difference in the time that is being spent as considering the state of affairs today, we all spend the same amount of time waiting for the elevator. Also just think about the number of calories you will burn without having to spend any extra time. And it is fact well proved that taking the stairs every day will tone your butt and thighs like nothing else. Also, it will also get your heart rate up and keep the blood circulation going. And not to mention this will also improve your focus at work.

4. Working Hours

Working hours
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Now you cannot give the excuse of not having the time to work out as your work takes up all your time.Every half an hour, get up from your desk and walk around. Your 9 to 5 job can also be useful in these terms. Do butt clenches at you sit on your chair to introduce a new kind of exercise. Literally work your weight to toned butt. Squeeze your butt as tight as possible and release, do at least 3 sets with 20 reps each. You could also try breathing exercises twice day while you sit at your desk and tone your belly by sucking in your stomach releasing it for 15 reps. Tighten your abs and relax. This exercise will induce movement that is beneficial to losing stomach fat.

5. The Before Bed Yoga

Now go to bed way more relaxed then you could have imagined. Not only is yoga is great way to release stress it also does a whole lot to build your core, and it helps your muscles in getting more toned. The added advantage of yoga is that it also helps you get way more flexible, and all this in 10 minutes every day and you do not even have to get out of bed. Butterfly and spinal twists are the easiest and you won’t even feel like you are doing anything, almost like a few good stretches. It isn’t even exhausting. Once you make a habit of this you will see the changes almost in a week and will feel great for sure.

6. TV Time

TV time
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Ever watch Sex and the City and envy their extremely toned bodies? Well, guess what. Now you can watch your TV and get that toned body. Do tricep dips while you watch TV or even plank.This might take a little getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, you will notice how natural and easy it will become, as you do not even have to take any extra time out do this. Do leg raises while you are watching, or do crunches during the advertisements. That’s the time that can be utilized the most. Work at areas, like the back of your arms, and have a distraction around, or rather a motivator and you will surely not see the minutes that pass by as you get to your fit body.

7. Stay Energized

The reason why one might not feel like working out is because they are low on energy. One way to ensure that you are well energized throughout the day is to give your body the nutrients it needs to feel good. A healthy breakfast is a must and along with that keep having meals through the day that do not slow you down but give you the strength you need, dry fruits and fresh fruits are also great sources of energy that have the essential nutrients and fibre that will definitely help your body on becoming more energized an giving you the energy required t keep it moving without facing too much of fatigue.

8. Do Not Worry About The Workout Time

Do not worry about the workout time
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A key step is in understanding that you have to just think about the particular workout routine that you are doing.Nothing else.If you constantly think about the time you are spending working out then you will not focus on the exercise and everything will eventually start feeling like a chore. And what will happen after this is that you look for ways to avoid working out, for a person who is not used to working out, the point is not the time, but the intensity. Start out slow and just focus on working properly for a short duration. This will have a better effect on your body then anything else. The time isn’t the point of focus, just the consistency. And as time passes make sure that you build up your intensity of the exercise, as this will benefit your body even more. Just enjoy the workout, make sure to do something you like.

9. The Arm Workout

Tricep dips, some easy weight, or pull ups are great for your arms. The muscles in your upper arms can be engaged with the help of small dumbbells too. There are a lot of apps online that can help you with the same. Throughout the day there are certain activities you can do that will help you tone your arms without having to take any substantial amount of time other than just your daily routine. Flying tricep extensions and bicep curls are some of the most preferred forms of exercise. Doing 15 reps for 3 sets each day will definitely tone your arms and give them that powerful, lean look.

10. Play a Sport

Play a sport
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Now this is great way to ensure that you have a good time while working out, and not just that but also that you come back. If you ply a sport like a badminton or a volleyball. Not only will you have lots of fun while doing it, but this sports will engage your muscles and body in way and make you sweat enough so that you burn enough calories. The added advantages are the fact you will become way more flexible with practice, and in the process will also strengthen your body, the bonding time and rush of endorphins is an added bonus. Its an overall fun activity that will help you feel so much better and agile.

11. Workout While You Clean

Sounds innovative, doesn’t it? Now when you spend twenty minutes vacuuming your floor, incorporate a couple of lunges and squats in to make things interesting. Blast some good music, as you actively waltz or jogging through your house. Sit on the floor to clean, do calf raises to clean cupboard tops. Repeat the number of reps, just keep your body parts engaged and break some sweat. This is an easy way to incorporate working out into your daily schedule. Dance to some Rihanna and get your groove on. Bend down and scrub the floor, just be as active as possible, and quite easily, your cleaning session can successfully be more beneficial than a day at gym.

12. Five Minute Abs Workout

Five minute abs workout
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The area that almost always needs most attention and maximum time to get in shape. But if you can do 300 hundred seconds of anything. You can continue to do it for a longer time. Just make a resolution to stick to it. also look the XHIIT abs workout video that is five minute long to get some inspiration. Like any exercise this might take some time to shows results but show it will. With a toned set of abs, and all the flabbiness gone. You will realize the importance of concentrated and consistent efforts. Leg lifts and elbow planks are examples of few such exercises that will work on your core and make you eventually feel the burn which will imply that the high intensity workout over short duration if actually working in benefit for the lazy girl.

13. Turn Off Technology

Make sure that the switch of all electronic devices at least 90 minutes before you got to sleep. Your eyes and your body needs rest, and constantly being online or on screen is definitely not helping. Don’t make it a habit to check your phone first thing in the morning. Stretch a bit, do some walking, or just do some light movement to get your body started, and before going to sleep, relax your entire body, do the bedtime yoga and just stay disconnected with electronic devices for some time to ensure that your body is able to recharge and get ready for the next in a proper and wholesome manner.

The lazy girl workout is nothing short of a miracle, but fundamentally the ideals are the same for anybody who wants to get fit- keep your body, moving. Because of our sedentary lifestyles, the way we view exercise has changed. But this does not mean that people who are not extremely crazy about hitting the gym cannot have the body they desire. Though it might take some more efforts, don’t worry- you will get there. Concentrated efforts and consistency is all it takes.

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