14 Elegant DIY Up-dos for Every Girl with Curly Hair

curly hair updos
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Curly hair is the very definition of elegance. And the variety of up do’s that you can do are also equally unimaginable. The best part having curly hair is that when done right, it can look absolutely divine. Naturally, curly hair is one of those boons that can make you look like you belong to a fashion magazine.

Whether it is homecoming, prom or casual brunch on a Sunday, the effortless and elegant charm of DIY curly hair updo’s is inescapable. The hairstyle is so very versatile, that it suits almost every face and the different variations of what a look could transform into is just a plethora of looks that are waiting to be discovered.

The Different Updos

Even though having curly hair is every girl’s dream, the aesthetics involved make everyone go crazy, but nobody can deny the kind of work they require. Something that looks as effortless, could be a product of hours of labour. And you may look up 100’s of videos and various other styles, you cannot escape the unreliability if the texture or frizz. But this does not mean that you give up on your curly locks. Here we have made a list of 17 such elegant updos for curly hair that you can pick tips from to feel like a curly haired goddess.

1. The One with the Half Up Curly Twist

The one with the Half Up curly twist
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This one is an easy look to conquer. All you have to do is take a strand from each side right above your ears and twist them to tie them together at the center of your head. This one is almost as easy to nail as the conventional ponytail. While you leave the rest of your hair as it is, the strands tied together to make you look beautiful and effortless.

2. The One with the Grecian Goddess Updo

The one with the Grecian Goddess updo
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This is the look you need to go for when you want to feel like a royal. This look is especially designed for when you want to project your inner goddess. The Grecian goddess updo utilizes all your hair and gives it a look. In this updo, a mid level ponytail is made and all the curls are tucked in. The easy look actually takes a bit of time, and it is neat and unruly all at once, to give it that wholesome look. A few strands are left out to give it that spiraling detail, and if you add a metal accessory or an olive branch, or chains, it will just look phenomenal.

3. The One with the Curly Topknot

The one with the curly topknot
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There are very few hairstyles that are both elegant and practical. The curly topknot is a life saver, as it is easy to do, but when paid a little attention, it can be a great look. Ideal for office and school, this could even make a bad hair day look good. The curly topknot is just you accumulating all your hair into on tight knot right above your head and letting a few strands spiral here and there. To spice it up. Your could also braid and pin a few strands on top. The whole idea is to make it look like you did not put too much effort into it.

4. The One with the Two Braids Updo

The one with the two braids updo
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This is a favorite with Hollywood and obviously so because it manages to give the curly hair a wonderful and unique twist. What you have to do is pick two ends from both side of your hair as if you were tying a middle ponytail

. Now braid these till the end and clip them in the front, now take the rest of your hair and divide it into two sections and braid them till the end too. Make sure that all the braids are free to move around, now take both of them and tie them together into a bun. The end result will be carefully constructed bun that makes your hair look splendid.

5. The One that’s a Low Chignon

The one that’s a low chignon
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This classic and chic low lying chignon is the perfect updo for an occasion that warrants you to show off your earrings or your necklace. It’s extremely sophisticated and pretty easy to make, depending on your mood, you can perk it up or make it look even more fantastic or the evening. Leave a few strands here and there to give a very old school graceful look. Loosely braid your hair and wound it together into a round shape. Try to make sure that it does not come undone and tuck in whatever is remaining outside to create your own bun.After you have gathered your hair make sure you pin it on the sides to maintain the shape.

6. The One with the Textured French Twist

The one with the textured french twist
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This is one of the sexiest hairstyles ever, one that makes you look young and sophisticated all at once. The french twist makes it look distinct from all other hairstyles. The first step is to use ample hairspray to make the hair get into a particular shape and then take all the hair that you want to pile into a bun and using your fingers bring them in. After securing them in one position, lightly comb your hair back into the mid ponytail shape to make it look neat. Now suing a bobby pin, take a few strands and cover the bun. Secure it well, and don’t flatten put the twist, use hair spray to keep it locked.

7. The One that’s a Voluminous Pony

The one that’s a voluminous pony
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Now, this is nice elegant yet sporty look that females with curly hair can opt for. It is also extremely practical and can be easily made. The key is to gather all your hair a little above the center but not on top and to tie it up tight. You tie it up tight but make sure to keep the ends loose and untapered to give it the look. Once you tie up your hair, use your fingers to lightly douse the front to make it look more voluminous. Tease the roots at the crown of your head to get that dramatic look, that has bits of glamour and retro styling to it.

8. The One that’s a Fishtail Halo

The one that’s a fishtail halo
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This one is a little difficult to master but if done right it can look super elegant and classy. Pick up a small section of your hair on the voluminous side of the part and then divide it into two halves. After this take a small section from the right side, cross it right underneath and add it to the left side of your hair. Then Cross a small section from the left underneath to the right. And then Pick up a section of hair, add it to a smaller section of your hair from the right side and cross both of the sections underneath to the left side now.

Keep doing this with both the sections. Also remember to Continue braiding the hair along the hairline and towards the left partition. Then let the braid trail along the center of the back of your head, pulling in hair on both sides. When the braid reaches the opposite ear of the partition, just continue braiding. After which you can Tie off the end of the braid and put it exactly where the braid began. Then Pin it down the end of the braid with bobby pins, and let a few strands stay loosely put.

9. The One that’s the Messy Romantic Hair Updo

The one that’s the messy romantic hair updo
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Oh, this is the stuff shown in books and movies. The messy hair romantic updo does not follow any rules and that is where its beauty lies. It could be a chignon, a mid rise ponytail, whatever you want it to be.it is perfectly suited for curly hair and make sit look fabulous in a matter of minutes. You use colourful scrunchies some hair jewellery to dazzle it up, but the beauty lies in the detail. Let a few strands loose to make it look all natural, and scrunch it up at parts to add some drama. It looks just as good on coloured hair.

10. Side Wrap Braid

Side wrap braid
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You must have seen this on there carpet quite a few times. This is because this updo is extremely classy and works the best with curly hair. Whether it is an elegant dress, or whatever you want, the look at this side wrap gives is truly unique. It is sexy and sophisticated all at once. The trick to perfect this is that at first, you curl your hair with a curling iron by wrapping your hair in sections around the rod. then Spray some reliable hairspray all over for fullness and directly onto roots.

After this remember to Tease hair with a comb and then slightly lift the roots of your hair with the comb. After this Gently brush out your curls for soft beautiful waves and then lightly spray some lightweight hold hairspray over the updo to hold it in place. Hereon Start an inverted or “inside out” braid from the side of your hair parting and braid till the end of your neck. Now with a band tie it all up. Angle it in a way, that it slants on one side, then keep it like this. Make sure there is a volume on one side. Now Spread the pleats of your braid to make it look thicker, and tease it ends to give that graceful look.

11. The One with the Pinned Back Half Updo

The one with the pinned back half updo
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This one is a more understated yet doable updo. Where you just take parts of your hair and pin them back loosely yet firmly at certain place to create the illusion of a middle pony. It also adds volume to certain parts and makes you look. Pin sections of your hair in a way that it looks neat. This is an excellent style for college and school.

12. The One with the Scarf

The one with the scarfAnother classic way to doll up with your curly hair is to use the scarf to create a nice look with retro elements. This is an excellent choice for summers and something about curly hair, just makes the scarf the look so good with it. This can also keep the flyaway hair away and make you look extra stylish by giving the whole boho hippie vibe. There can be many variants for this too and its suitable in every atmosphere.

13. The One with Top Knot and Bangs

The one with top knot and bangs
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So this hairstyle is ridiculously sexy and very underrepresented. This is similar to the top knot, except that you specifically leave your bangs outside and let them linger on your face. The unconventional beauty of the bangs makes the look so unique that it goes with almost every outfit.

14.The One for the Formal Occasions

The one for the formal occasions
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The key for this one is to just keep it simple and let it flow. You can use a few bobby pins to secure them in one place and rearrange the hair in a way that it looks voluminous. You can also add a head band or some jewellery to add more of a personality to the style.

Curly hairstyles are one of the most sought after looks in Hollywood, and they make excellent styles for even proms, or any other formal occasion. Though there has been a lot of changes in the hair styling evolution, one thing one cannot deny is timelessness of these looks. Once you learn your way to maneuver around the frizziness, curly hair can create one of the most memorable looks.

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