15 of The Most Famous Fashion Models Of All Time

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The world of fashion has always has its allure, and needless to say, the magnetic harm of all the glitz and glamour, cannot be escaped. Even the ones who consider themselves above all the so-called loftiness will definitely know the names of famous fashion models that stole their hearts. But even above all the vanity and aesthetics, one cannot deny the chutzpah and magnificence a model can bring to the screen.

It is not just about Victoria’s Secrets

or Vogue covers, it is the aura and vibe, other than the sheer beauty – it is the power of the model alone that can draw millions of fans worldwide to fawn over her and deem her to be iconic forever. Since the middle of the twentieth century models have dominated our imaginations like anything, so based on their sense of style and panache we have rounded a list of the 20 of the most famous models of all time.

1. Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford
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The 90’s were all Cindy’s and don’t we know it. The curvaceous beauty from Illinois won hearts all over when she made her first appearance in the mid 80’s, and since then she has captured the entire globe’s imagination. Who can forget that little mole that st her apart. From major labels, to runways, or even tv appearances, there is not one domain that Cindy has not conquered. An empire in herself, there is a certain allure to Crawford that dazzles designers and art seekers alike.

2. Claudia Schiffer

Claudia Schiffer
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At one point she was the highest paid model, earning up to $50,000 per day. The leggy lass who is known for her irrefutable business acumen conquered the fashion world like never before. So it is no surprise that within a short span of time of her having entered the industry, she became the face of Chanel, Guess jeans and various other brands. Schiffer also holds the record for having the maximum number of magazine covers. She is also a Karl Lagerfeld favorite and is deemed as of the most iconic faces of all time.

3. Twiggy aka Lesley Hornby

Twiggy aka Lesley Hornby
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The sixties were defined by the pixie cut, doll inspired the look of Twiggy. Her waif thing structure and era defining style came with the magnetic charm that took the world by storm. She landed her first modelling contract6 because of her haircut and has said the being bold and unique s what sets one apart. Twiggy is regarded as the game changer in the world of fashion and was the namesake for lines of cosmetics, favorite of designers and has had a career that has gone on for over 4 decades. She has dappled with music, activism, modelling, clothing and even has a barbie designed after her.

4. Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell
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Naomi has always been in the tabloids for her infamous temper, but what you cant deny the is the remarkable presence she has. A supermodel who enthralled designers and audiences alike, Campbell’s reign has been one of the longest ones despite the controversies. She was the first black women ever to grace the cover of French vogues and has always been a favorite the Playboy.Her sultry demeanour And her banging body did wonders for her modelling career as did that bad girl attitude. Naomi Campbell will always be remembered for being a member of the iconic “Big 6” Gang.

5. Kate Moss

Kate moss
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The heroin Chic look of the 90’s that rendered her as the most sought after model is just few of the reason why the world remembers her. The gangly teen was picked on a family holiday and her waif thin body type and irresistible looks made her the ultimate muse. There isn’t one photographer who has not clicked her. Painters want to paint her, and she has gold statues made in her honour. The game changer at five feet seven has inspired artists all over and is known to be extremely mysterious. But it is okay, because her never ending line of work speaks for itself.

6. Gisele Bundchen

Gisele Bundchen
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Flawless and awe invoking, if there is one name that has caught the world by storm in the modelling industry it i8s Giselle Bundchen. Nobody has actually been able to decipher the magical spell that Bundchen has cast. She is the face of H and M and is known for her sharp business acumen.

The Brazilian Bombshell is everything the world of fashion has ever wanted and she dazzles every domain she entered. She is the highest paid model since 2204 and also makes headlines everywhere she goes. That sun-kissed body with a style like no other, it is no surprise the entire industry is at her feet.

7. Linda Evangelista

Linda Evangelista
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No face has awed the fashion world as enchantingly as Linda’s, her striking looks and her ability to take up any style and rock it, made Linda a Much loved household name. He reign is one that never ended, considering how she is still just as in demand as she was in the eighties or the nineties.

Evangelista can go from high glamour to avant garde just as smoothly as she transitions her hairstyles. She has been on more than 700 magazine covers and is known for free spirited remarks where she once said “We don’t wake up for less than $10,000 a day” and boy, did she mean it.

8. Christy Turlington

Christy Turlington
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A true icon, Turlington is celebrated not only as a member of the “ Magnificent seven” But also for her relentless to support endless causes and the work she does for charities. She has started her own Ayurveda range and regarded as the truly zen one. She enchanted the world in the eighties with her does eyes and serene appearance and became the face of Calvin Klein and has also worked with Yves Saint Laurent, Marc Jacobs, Donna Karan, Prada, Valentino, Versace, Louis Vuitton, Bally, Jason Wu, Max Mara, Escada, Michael Kors, and Maybelline. She is often regarded with reverence as one the greatest of all time she is the true embodiment of beauty with brains as she also has a masters degree in Public Health.

9. Helena Christenson

Helena ChristensonThe olive skinned beauty took the modelling industry by surprise when she entered in the eighties. Helena is beautiful AND extremely multifaceted where everything she touches turns into the gold. From exhibitions to photography to music, there is nothing this supermodels has not dappled with.

The enigmatic beauty queen is also former Miss Universe Denmark. Regarded as one of the beauty queens, Helena has appeared on the covers for Elle, Harper Bazaar, Vogue and Fashion campaigns for Prada, Valentino, Karl Lagerfeld, Revlon,Chanel, Versace and the list goes on. She was also one of the members of the “Magnificent Seven” and holds the record for most Elle covers for a model.

10. Elle Macpherson

Elle Macpherson
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The first model to ever appear on legal tender. Macpherson was nicknamed as “The body”. the Australian girl next door won admirers all over with her looks and impeccable skills, she has a world record for her five appearances on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

From acting to tv production, she has rendered herself as an important part of the business that goes way beyond just modelling.She has also been host and executive producer of Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model. She also appeared on the famous tv show Friends.She is also the face for the luxury French skincare company Biotherm and was also a member of the new generation of supermodels back in the eighties.

11. Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks
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The women who truly knew how to walk the talk, Tyra banks was one supermodel who made you sit up and take notice. Which is why she has been able to translate her short-term modelling career into more durable sources of income such as being on reality tv or starting her own brand to inspire women all over the world.

She started her career at the age of fifteen and was the first African American woman to be on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and has been ranked as one of the most influential people by Time magazine.

12. Lauren Hutton

Lauren HuttonUnconventional, and trendsetter, the original trail blazer- Lauren Hutton was dismissed by modelling agents initially because of her gap toothed look. But in 1973 she landed the biggest modelling contract to have ever existed with Revlon, and the rest is history. She has been on the cover for Vogue over 40 times and as regularly regarded as one of the most influential people in the fashion industry.

She also did the famous eight-page nude magazine photo shoot at the of 61 and is regularly seen speaking on body positivity and positive self image discussions to inspire women across the globe.She has also appeared in films -The Paper Lion and The Gambler.

13. Stephanie Seymour

Stephanie Seymour
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Seymour became a model at the young age of 15 and was a part of the famous nineties group of supermodels along with Claudia Schiffer, Christy Turlington and Cindy Crawford. She had the curvaceous body and pouty lips that enthralled millions of fans and made her an instant hit in the industry.

She was pursued by numerous photographers like Mario Testino and Patrick Demarchelier, and appeared in Vogue, Victoria’s Secret magazine, and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Often known for he tabloid features, the model was extremely professional and disciplined and extremely sough after when she had entered the industry. She Is also the global spokes model for Estée Lauder. She is also know for having featured in numerous Guns ‘n’ Roses music videos.

14. Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima
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The Brazilian Beauty is regarded as one of the most beautiful and bankable models in the industry. She is the highest earning model in the industry since the past 5 years . She was one of the best lingerie models has been the poster girl for Victorias Secret and Play Boy numerous times.She has also walked for major labels like Miu Miu, Christian Dior, and Louis Vuitton. One of the most sought after faces she has also appeared in print ads and is the face of Maybelline.Currently she is the brand ambassador for the Barcelona-based clothing brand Desigual.In 2017 she was given the title of “ Most Valuable Angel” and has been on the cover almost very popular magazine, and her GQ issues of 2006 was the highest selling issues of the magazine.

15. Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne
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Cara is the new generations ultimate find. The striking actress with her signature bushy eyebrows has brought about a freshness that seemed to have vanished from the industry. Known for onscreen persona and social media victories, Cara has the personality that makes her truly enigmatic and iconic and truly famous model of her time. With her goofy nature and never ending popularity Cara has captured the imagination millions. She has appeared in movies,like Suicide Squad and Paper Towns, Music videos of Bad Blood, and has brands like Burberry, Mulberry and YSL running after her. The versatile artist has also ventured into designing, music and published a young adult novel last year “ Mirror, Mirror”.

What Makes a Model Unforgettable?

Though the newer generation has more access and reaches in terms of audiences, one cannot deny just how legendary the 80’s and 90’s were for fashion. This is because the models of yesteryear had a certain iconic and badass appeal to them where each one of them was unique and rendered themselves indispensable in the industry. Not only were the irreplaceable, they had this sense of style that enthralled audiences and designers alike.

Be it Cindy Crawford or Naomi Campbell, the reason why fans worldwide still remember magazine covers like the back of their hand is because they were drawn to the world of fashion and aesthetics in a way that made it seem alluring and enigmatic with the usual hula hoo. It was not just good genes, but a sense of professionalism and a certain charm, that distinguishes them for the rest and is a true mark of a famous fashion model, one that you will never forget.

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